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Somewhere in the depths of the soul of every living tireless romantic. But the life of every day driving him deeper and deeper. Where once were the knights who conquered the heart of the ladies on the deadly duels. That's enough for today to invite a woman to a nice restaurant, and it is yours. But romance is still desirable, women like to receive flowers not only about but also nothing. Watch the stars while lying on the grass and holding hands. Kissing in the rain. Waiting for a miracle does not go over the years. No matter how many years we, we are always waiting for a holiday feast for the soul. This missing gap in life are able to fill a book. Books will give us exactly the feelings and emotions that we experienced in childhood, unpacking a gift from under the Christmas tree. Books show us examples of the romance in everyday life. It is said to keep a woman, it must always surprise. So the first thing you can surprise and even conquer a woman - this is his erudition. Tales fascinating stories gleaned from books. Books make our lives brighter and more interesting to teach us to live, to strive for more, the better, for the beautiful.

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